Wound Care and Management

Wounds are usually injuries caused by cuts, bruises, or other effects. Depending on the severity and type of wound, your doctor may use various methods to heal the wound, such as suturing and cleaning.

Types of Wounds

First, it is essential to know wound classification according to the etiology, location, type of disease, symptoms, depth of injury, and cell loss to provide effective wound care treatment. Therefore, the classification of wounds is as follows:

Diabetic Wound Care

In diabetic patients, even the smallest cuts become a serious issue. Diabetes diminishes the immune system, making a minor cut to be more susceptible to infections than non-diabetic individuals, making their treatment difficult. Safe hands HHC is the most effective diabetic wound care service in Michigan.

Wound Treatment Options

Your doctor’s choice of dressing and wound care treatment is determined by the type and intensity of the wound. Pain can cause blood vessels to narrow, slowing the healing process. It is critical to treat infection symptoms such as discomfort, pus, and fever. If antibiotics and antimicrobial dressings are required, the doctor will prescribe them.

Safe Hands HHC Wound Care Service

Safe hand HHC provides the best wound care service that ensures a smooth transition from an in-patient facility to home care without interrupting care and provides home wound care services. This is achieved through registered nurses who specialize in the home care and wound care of individuals. Smooth transitions require particular emphasis and strong coordination between home nurses and treating physicians to ensure that all treatment, medication, and patient needs are met. This usually includes regular access to:

Safe Hands HHC promises excellent in-home wound care services and serves its patients with compassion and care. Because of the highly professional staff and teamwork, Safe Hands HHC has been ranked to have the best Wound Care in Michigan. We provide nursing services and offer nurses proper training and skill development programs. These training, in turn, are of great help to our clients as they receive professional and quality wound care. Safe hands nurses are experts in evaluating wound types and implementing effective care while collaborating with physicians.

At Safe Hands, we understand that injuries and cuts can happen unexpectedly and require proper attention to heal. That’s why we offer comprehensive services to help treat and manage any type of injury, from minor scrapes to more severe wounds.

Our team of skilled medical professionals is dedicated to providing the highest quality care to ensure a speedy and efficient recovery. We use advanced techniques and equipment to ensure that your injury is properly cleaned, dressed, and cared for to minimize the risk of infection and promote healing.

In addition to treating the injury itself, we also focus on helping patients manage any associated pain and discomfort, as well as providing education on how to properly care for the injury at home. Our goal is to ensure that you feel comfortable and confident in your recovery process.

If you have suffered an injury and require medical attention, don’t hesitate to reach out to Safe Hands.

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