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Author: Fahad Khan

Home Health Care Vs. Hospice Care What Is the Difference

Home Health Care Vs. Hospice Care: What Is the Difference?

Many patients eligible for home health care and hospice care are confused about the differences between the two. While there is some basic resemblance, there are numerous variances, particularly regarding who is eligible for each service, the sort of care delivered, and the service’s purpose. A quick description of home care and Health Service care […]
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Medicines add days to your life Occupational Therapy adds life to days

The Benefits of Occupational Therapy 2023

It’s no secret that rehabilitation after an injury or sickness can improve a person’s functional abilities. What matters is what benefits make Occupational Therapy in specific so important and beneficial to a person’s future after a new diagnosis. Occupational therapists help persons who are having physical or cognitive problems. The purpose of occupational therapy is […]
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Do You Think No One Cares for Your Loved Ones Like You

Loved Ones: Your Unique Care and Concern

Aging is an inevitable and normal aspect of life. As your loved ones age and lose part of their autonomy, their children or other close family members are generally left to care for their needs. The burden of care for carers tends to increase over time as their physical condition deteriorates and their independence declines.It […]
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What Is the SBAR Technique in Nursing

SBAR Nursing: A Complete Guide

Communication is one of the most crucial elements of the medical profession, between patients, caregivers, and medical professionals. Failure to rescue (FTR) is frequently used to measure a hospital’s care quality. FTR can be caused by various circumstances, including a failure to notice patient deterioration, a failure to convey concerns, and a failure to diagnose […]
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What Is A Zone Tool

Diabetes Management and Zone Tool

Diabetes is a condition in which your blood contains too much sugar (glucose). Blood sugar levels that are too high can cause major health concerns. With 34 million Americans living with diabetes and a self-care mindset that has only grown as a result of the epidemic, diabetic product suppliers — from glucometers and pen lancets […]
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