Speech Therapy & The Conditions It Helps With 2023

Speech Therapy & The Conditions It Helps With

Speech Therapy & The Conditions It Helps With 2023

Physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy are just a handful of the rehabilitative options available to seniors. Speech therapy concentrates on a person’s ability of communication, understanding, and swallowing. Patients are evaluated by speech and language pathologists, who develop treatment regimens to enhance communication, cognition, nutrition, and hydration. For some families, adjusting to their senior loved one’s speech problems may appear to be a less difficult task. Seniors, on the other hand, maybe bothered by these undetected and untreated peculiarities. The following are some of the most common speech disorders that a speech-language pathologist can help with.

Speech Therapy & The Conditions It Helps


Although dementia has a substantial impact on a person’s memory, it can also cause cognitive problems. Therapists assist patients in retaining their communicative skills for as long as needed in these situations. Therapists can also help the patient’s friends, families, and caregivers in better communicating with them. Training loved ones to depend more on visual signals, simple words, and familiar noises, for example, is the basic technique.


Aphasia is a condition that causes severe brain damage. Patients with aphasia have more trouble conveying and comprehending words. This is mainly due to a series of strokes that have disrupted their usual cognitive functions. Speech therapy aims to improve patients’ concentration to find the proper word and respond to verbal and vocal signals. The aim of treatment is for the patient to achieve the highest level of functioning possible, which may or may not be the same as before the stroke.


The disease known as dysarthria is an everyday speech disorder that causes slurred speech. It’s a disorder caused by muscle weakness that makes it difficult to speak words correctly. This is frequently a sign of a neurological condition. A speech therapist will often observe the patient’s muscle and breathing patterns and have them repeat various sounds in these situations. Patients are commonly instructed to practice tongue and lip movement, breathing techniques, and speaking more slowly to form words.

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