Diabetes Management for the Elderly: A Holistic Approach

Management Of Diabetes In Elderly

Diabetes Management for the Elderly: A Holistic Approach

Diabetes can be a distressing diagnosis for your senior, particularly if they already have health problems. It’s critical to find a plan to manage diabetes to have a smaller influence on your senior’s general health, and home health care is a great way to do it. Diabetes can cause illnesses like heart disease, stroke, visual issues, and kidney damage over time. Diabetic people above the age of 65 are more likely to acquire cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. Staying healthy when dealing with diabetes necessitates a variety of daily management approaches, some of which are listed below:

Fulfilling with Medication Protocols

Your senior’s doctor may prescribe drugs other than insulin to assist them in controlling their blood glucose levels. If your senior relative is already on medication for another condition, make sure they’re effectively integrating the new medicine into their daily routine. It’s a lot simpler to stick to medicine regimens when you have help.

Improving Diet

Patients with diabetes should eat regular, healthy foods to help them maintain their weight. Fast foods, as well as processed, industrialized, and prepared foods, should be avoided. Glycemic effects on blood sugar are reduced in both starchy and non-starchy veggies. Yogurt, cheese, and milk are all high in protein and included in a senior’s diet. Healthy foods for people with diabetes include whole dried beans and lentils, grain bread, and frozen or fresh fruit.

Exercise Regularly

It is recommended that diabetic seniors reduce their sedentary behaviors and substitute them with physical activity. To improve blood sugar levels, alternate periods of constant sitting with 30 minutes of light movements, such as taking a walk. Physical fitness aids in the reduction of blood glucose levels.

Meeting Glucose Level Goals

In terms of regulating their blood sugar levels, your senior’s doctor may have assigned them several goals to strive towards. Testing may be complex for your elderly, but with the assistance of home health care specialists, they can maintain a consistent testing regimen.

Daily management of diabetes may necessitate in-home assistance. Safe Hands HHC’s professional caregivers are ready to offer the non-medical help needed to keep our diabetic care patients on pace with their healthcare routine.

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